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FEND - an effective digital youth drug prevention program
FEND a youth primary prevention program. More than 20,000 young people have already participated in FEND. Opioid abatement solution

Since 2018, more than 20,000 young people have downloaded the FEND app. They’ve watched the short videos, taken pop quizzes, and been rewarded with incentives like swag, movie vouchers and Dunkin’ Donuts vouchers. But more importantly, they’ve learned! They’ve increased their knowledge and awareness about drug risks. They know how to spot the signs of an overdose and how to respond. They understand the importance of asking for help, building resilience, and supporting friends. They know about drug dependence/addiction, and the Good Samaritan Laws.

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At FEND, we do youth drug prevention and education differently. We don’t preach – we empower!

FEND reaches youth where they’re at. We provide information that’s relevant and engaging, and we deliver it on a device that young people are already on – their smartphone. It’s effective and the results speak for themselves.

FEND an evidence-based youth primary prevention program that have been  shown to reduce drug misuse. FEND an opioid abatement funding solution.gif
FEND - aimed at promoting positive youth development and preventing risk factors for substance use


FEND campaign reports below:

FEND Lexington Report, 2021

FEND Rhode Island Report, 2020

FEND VWT Report, 2018


Evidence-based and youth co-design
Evidence-Based & Co-Designed

FEND content incorporates the latest research and prevention principles. It is guided by subject matter experts, and co-designed with our youth advisory group and community partners.

FENd - combining technology and research to support youth drug prevention

FEND uses a cutting-edge technology platform with real-time reporting, allowing the FEND team to see who is engaging in the campaign (and who is not), so the content and engagement strategies can be adjusted to achieve the best reach and optimal results.

FEND uses gamification tools to engage young people in  primary drug prevention

A key element to our successful engagement rates is the use of gamification in the app. Combining gaming elements (rewards, badges and leaderboards) with behavior change and motivation theories helps FEND engage users.

FEND content is locally informed and cultural appropriate
Localized content/resources

Campaign content can be tailored to address local drug and cultural issues and incorporate community prevention efforts. The resource tab provides youth with one-click access to local support services and hotline numbers using geo-location technology.

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