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Your generous donations and support can help FEND reach more young people with  our youth drug prevention program. Together we can save lives

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We Need Your Help!

We need to educate young people about the dangers of opioids, illicit fentanyl and counterfeit pills. We need them to be able to recognize the signs of a drug overdose and know how to respond. We need to work alongside young people to co-design educational content that is relevant and relatable. We need a tool that is evidence-informed and uses technology that can engage, inform and empower young people about drug harms, not preach to them. Well, that is what we’re doing with FEND our youth drug prevention program. Support our efforts to reach even more young people. The 20,000+ youth we’ve engaged in FEND already are just the beginning.

Ways To Donate

Donate through Donorbox

Donate through Guidestar

Donate through Guidestar Guidestar is the world’s largest source of information on non-profit organizations

Guidestar is the world’s largest source of information on non-profit organizations.

Donor Advised Funds

You can support FEND through your Donor Advisory Fund

Preventum Initiative is proud to be a resource and partner to several of the United States’ largest Donor Advised Fund sponsor organizations and their philanthropic services teams.

Get involved in fundraising for FEND and the Preventim Initiative - a 501C3 non profit to help them sfae young people's live through drug prevention and education

Personal Fund raising through Facebook

Create a fundraiser to support Preventum Initiative & FEND. .Start on the home page of your personal Facebook page and click on Fundraisers. Follow directions from there.

The Preventum Initiative, Inc. launched as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in August 2018 (Charitable ID #82-3235856).

Get Involved

Host a FEND Off FENTANYL party in your community!

Raise awareness about fentanyl and the risks facing our youth with your kids, grandkids, friends, and family, and raise funds for FEND at the same time. We’ll provide you with a FEND Off FENTANYL kit with tips on how to stay safe and how to start a conversation with your young person about drugs in a way that empowers rather than preaches.

Preventum Initiative / FEND is registered on the Guidestar list of nonprofit organizations supporting transparency.

We recently earned a Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid, the world’s largest database of nonprofit organizations. Less than two percent of non-profits registered with Candid ( are recognized with a Gold Seal. Gold Seal status is recognized as a symbol of non-profit transparency and accountability.

The Preventum Initiative is a 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Nonprofit Organization. Charitable ID # 82- 3235856. Contributions to the Preventum Initiative, Inc. are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please check with your personal tax advisor regarding the deduction of your gift. Please send us a message if this gift is in honor or in memory of someone.

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